Planning a road trip to nowhere… or A HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE!!!

Yeah, I was going to put the Kenny Loggins version of “highway to the danger zone” but found some wacky Dubstep version so that was that. Planning a trip middle of next year, going to fly to California from Tampa, Florida. It will be a 2 week journey starting with 3 days in Disneyland, one day touring the Fender factory then the rest will be a massive road trip across America in a big ass rental car (I am hoping to be rolling in a Lincoln Town Car but we shall see what I can get). Since I have seen mostly seen only the East Coast parts of America I am pretty excited about the trip.

A few challenges present themselves as I muse about where this road trip will take me. First, I am very used to long road trips but they are very destination based in that I hall ass until I get where I am going. Usually there is some type of “time i need to beat” or other such nonsense. So, I really need to learn how to enjoy the scenery while still maintaining some hint of schedule. I have heard you really need to have decent hotels reserved so I will need to get to destinations but still be able to stop and smell the roses as they say. Which leads to the second challenge… what do I need to see?

I want to stop at wacky places with the world biggest display of yard gnomes and quiet diners that have “the worlds greatest milk shakes.” I want to look around small town thrift shops and barn sales. I want to wake up in some small town nobody has ever heard of and eat breakfast in some random place that is known for their “local charm” but there are some very important places I haven’t seen yet in my life, they have to take precedence. I don’t need to see Las Vegas again, but I do need to get to the grandeur of the painted desert or Yellowstone. I want to see Route 66 but from what I have heard there is not too much left to see. So in the grand scheme it looks like 2 weeks will be tight but that is all I can afford to take off.

All in all I am extremely excited about the upcoming journey. Tons of research and lots of thinking and thinking until my thinker is sore. Anyone out there has any “must see” sites or routes please comment. Any places out there I really REALLY need to bypass to avoid hearing banjo playing in the woods PLEASE comment. So many decisions about something so far away, it is starting to feel like my months leading up to Korea. This is a bit more of a rambling post, I guess I just can’t wait to get on the road again!

Liking your car is a tough thing!

Driving around the parking lot looking for a spot is not really so I am close to work, it is more to better judge the height and color of today’s new door ding. See, where I work the parking spots are a little tight and my co-workers for the most part have total disregard for their and your car.

In the olden days (i.e. – before I went to Korea for a year) I drove a 1994 Nissan Pickup truck that has over the years become a fairly evil little beast. I reworked the body, taking out very near 1,000 little dings and dents. After I straightened the body I painted it hotrod flat black and gave it a bit of a evil look. So for the most part people stayed away from it. Upon my return the age was starting to show so I parked the truck and prepped it for a frame off restoration. I need to beef up the engine and give it all new parts and hopefully make it evil enough to make little children cry and mothers clutch their babies tight to them as I drive by.

In the mean time I made the mistake of buying a car that I have always loved. I bought a 2005 Honda S2000. It is a little older but only has 32,000 on it and looks new as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Here in lies the problem, I CARE ABOUT IT! Every week I take a walk around my new beautiful car and assess what my co-workers have done to it. And every week I find more and more of those dings and dents. Long story short is I need to hurry up and finish the truck restoration so I can get the nice new car away from the daily damage… or maybe I just have to make the Honda flat black and evil so more people will fear that car? I don’t think that will work, that truck truly does have some serious attitude and will be even worse when I done making it a fire breathing dragon. I guess I will just have to make peace with the fact that dents will happen. It is hard though, I care too much. So please gentle reader… if you are out and about and see a light blue Suzuka blue S2000 can you cut me a break and not put a dent in it? Please? just once?