Got Pacman fever? TOUGH!

This is a classic case of corporate thinking ruining two great products. G4 used to be 2 channels, TechTV and G4. Both geek based formats catered to different demographics, Computer (tech) and Gamer. So a gaggle of suits got together and stroked their beards and said “how can we maximize profit?” One with the longest of beards stood up tall and said “I HAVE GOT IT… we just need to mix your peanut butter with my chocolate!”
When they put them both in a blender and hit the slaughter button out poured a watered down version of both. Leaving the fans of G4 pining for the days of total gamer entertainment and leaving the tech nerds wondering what happened to their insightful computer wonderland of TechTV.
With the crash and burn of the channel one wonders who will swoop in and create the formats that we miss so much. Give us our original channels back, someone… PLEASE step in and save us.