Sad but true…. Oh So TRUE!

You know, I was one that often complained about MTV and their obvious lack of M on the TV. Granted,  this video does make a TON of valid points I will stick to my guns that doesn’t excuse the talentless horrible people they ARE putting on television for the youth to look up to. They are one honey boo boo away from lowering the IQ’s of their watching demographic by 40+ points. I do miss the old music videos that I grew up watching, I am old so I was actually watching when the channel was much crazier and experimental and really cool. You know… before it became profitable.

But for the most part I think it is more me missing being young than it is missing MTV. If you are reading this and under 30 I will give you these three truths: 1) EVERYONE over 30 is jealous of you  2) get off the internet and go enjoy debauchery before it hurts so much the next morning and finally 3) make lots of memories before the chains of responsibility weigh you down like the chains of the ghost of Christmas past.