I’ve had time to reflect

Reflections… i was going to kill this blog, but I think I will just keep on keepin’ on as they used to say way back when. As I slide back into my every day life I think back to my time abroad. It was hard, it was lonely but it was awesome. I met new people, experienced crazy CRAZY things and grew as a person. Sometimes I think of some wacky memory of Korea and I smile. The great groups I saw there, the interesting food I tried. When a’s song plays in my car I sometimes have a tear. I was able to see them in Tokyo and they are my favorite band, I think back to that concert with Kiddo and wish it would have never ended. Tokyo kicks serious ass. I enjoy my life back home, but I do miss the constant challenge. I like my job and the closeness of family and friends but I do find myself slipping back into that world away from my world from time to time. Like a tattoo it is part of me (by the way I don’t have any tattoos but do kinda wish I would have picked one up in Korea or Japan)

I will say this to all my friends and those reading this for the first time as they embark on their own journey. Cast fear aside, grab your chances and go like hell. You will be old and grey before you know it…. you have time to rest when you are dead. Gather no moss and enjoy your every moment young travelers. The world is a big crazy beautiful place.