Bad news… apparently we are on the highway to hell!

Highway to HELL

From time to time I read the posts on social media and I am not quite sure why there is so much traffic on my way to work. Apparently I am the only person that feels the end of our country is not upon us. Look, long story short if you hate America so much by all means please move somewhere else. It will make booking hotels and getting flights much easier for me.

Now, i am not some mindless droid that does not see the negative. FAR FROM IT there are a lot of laws put in place to keep people of my ilk away from power. Ever since the election and the subsequent butt hurt from all the losing busters it has become clear that the politicians are not the problem, it is the people they represent. America the nation of whiny weak crybabies that pout their little lips and cry the moment they don’t get their every wish. I look around and see a society of nothing but weak willed, soft sad sacks. The vicious hard bodied and harder souled people that build America have fathered a nation of soft weak wills.

After the election was over I thought the maddening idiocy around me would just fade into the back ground and life would resume. WRONG! We are weeks removed and I am still hearing people harping about the election and the horror of our President. How about you show a little god damn respect, he is OUR PRESIDENT! Think it is an easy job fill out your application and let the entire world dissect your life and call you stupid for every single thing you have done. How would YOU measure up?

I got some bad news for you sunshine, every one of these politicians that you complain about and hate on are a reflection of YOU. The lumbering dinosaur that is our political system is a direct parallel of the US. So if you hate it so much get the hell out. Go explore the world and stake your claim in some other “better” country. How about you worry more about doing your best rather than cast stones. Work harder at your job, making your neighborhood a better place by volunteering and give your baseless meaningless hate a little rest. Leave the sarcasm and biting commentary to those of us who are better at it. You know, those of us that have a Blog.