Bad news… apparently we are on the highway to hell!

Highway to HELL

From time to time I read the posts on social media and I am not quite sure why there is so much traffic on my way to work. Apparently I am the only person that feels the end of our country is not upon us. Look, long story short if you hate America so much by all means please move somewhere else. It will make booking hotels and getting flights much easier for me.

Now, i am not some mindless droid that does not see the negative. FAR FROM IT there are a lot of laws put in place to keep people of my ilk away from power. Ever since the election and the subsequent butt hurt from all the losing busters it has become clear that the politicians are not the problem, it is the people they represent. America the nation of whiny weak crybabies that pout their little lips and cry the moment they don’t get their every wish. I look around and see a society of nothing but weak willed, soft sad sacks. The vicious hard bodied and harder souled people that build America have fathered a nation of soft weak wills.

After the election was over I thought the maddening idiocy around me would just fade into the back ground and life would resume. WRONG! We are weeks removed and I am still hearing people harping about the election and the horror of our President. How about you show a little god damn respect, he is OUR PRESIDENT! Think it is an easy job fill out your application and let the entire world dissect your life and call you stupid for every single thing you have done. How would YOU measure up?

I got some bad news for you sunshine, every one of these politicians that you complain about and hate on are a reflection of YOU. The lumbering dinosaur that is our political system is a direct parallel of the US. So if you hate it so much get the hell out. Go explore the world and stake your claim in some other “better” country. How about you worry more about doing your best rather than cast stones. Work harder at your job, making your neighborhood a better place by volunteering and give your baseless meaningless hate a little rest. Leave the sarcasm and biting commentary to those of us who are better at it. You know, those of us that have a Blog.


Yeah, I was going to use “lies” from The Knickerbockers, The Black Keys or Evanescence but then I realized if I wanted ratings I better go with Big Bang. That way I can really grab the 10 – 15 year old demo from most of the East. ANYWAY, on to my real subject… ELECTIONS!

Why would I name this entry “lies, all lies?” Well, gentle reader, because in the United States this is a Presidential election year. The most cringe worthy of times for free thinkers in the United States. It is a time of irrational campaign slander, irrational advertisements and most of all a flooded social media dominated by irrational people “sharing” some stupid news snippet or meme made up by someone else that best represents their irrational opinion.

Over the years I have gotten comfortable with the lies spread by politicians, teachers and religious leaders, hell our country is founded upon them. Considering I live in the “land of the free” I haven’t felt particularly free over the scant 40 years of life. Granted I don’t see people burning opposing places of worship because they are different but lets just say Land Of The Free is a stretch. But I digress, during the campaign for the United States Presidential Election you see commercials that pretty much accuse each other of clubbing seals and torturing babies for fun and sport. All of this has more propaganda slant than a WWII German war effort poster. I thought most people understood that until I started reading the Social Media Posts of friends and co-workers. That is when it hit me, once again I am on the outside looking in. All the years of marketing, public relations and advertising classes give me “They Live” like glasses that help me see through the bullshit. But most do not, they fall prey to the hoopla and take a side. That is when the insanity sets in… much like rooting for your favorite steroided up football player or performance enhanced bicycle racer people lose sight of reality and become a “fan” of one of the candidates.

Most people that know me probably don’t think I have any opinion one way or the other about politics. That is because VERY early in life I found out that you don’t talk about politics, religion or economics with anyone ever. EVER! Everyone has very strong opinions and everyone is very eager to point out all the reasons you are wrong and why they are right. So in my vain attempt to walk the good path in life I just avoid talking about these issues. Most people are more than happy to just talk about their stance as you nod your head like a puppet with no input anyway. They don’t REALLY care what you think or have to say, they just want to make sure their pre-recorded mental message is regurgitated to completion to everyone they know. But at the end of the day every view point is just an opinion, not right and not wrong.

I am generally pretty harsh on the government officials of my country. The congress does nothing (these last few years have been so horrible I am pretty sure our fore fathers would have revolted and “fired” them…. from a cannon…. into the sun) and the president doesn’t seem to change a whole lot. People think that the recessions are caused by presidents but they aren’t, they are caused by the people. If you think that the house you bought last year is suddenly worth 3x what you paid and you have a few maxed credit cards I got some bad news for you… no president is going to save you. You REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

I guess the bottom line is every politician is a self serving liar, they are all rich beyond the average persons comprehension so by nature incapable of making any action “for the people”. As for one being better or worse that another – if you kick over enough rocks you will always find the bugs and roaches. If you feel strongly about one candidate or another good for you, go and pull the lever and hope the box with your hanging chads doesn’t get “misplaced” in a near by swamp (or in this case a near bought swamp). But please keep your opinions to yourselves, you just look stupid screaming from the mountain top about how one puppet is going to save us while the other will doom us forever. Show some restraint and human decency, the candidates won’t but you can.