I forgot… Life without technology

Working in a well established company for so many years made me forget something. It made me forget what life was like when you work with substandard equipment and outdated software. See, life before Korea was a blissful time when you could print something in color and it took a matter of seconds. A time when computers ran on the most up to date platforms and everything was just super. A time when if something broke you contacted the tech team and they zipped out with the fix or a new computer on a cart. Life was good…. Then I came to Korea (insert screech and crash noise here)

I didn’t even know that Windows XP was supported? It is! who knew?!? The daily struggle is one that I often lose. I have never walked away from the copier with it still working, I just take a deep breath and hope to get “most” of the copies I need for class that day. The awesome touch screen in my class is hit and miss at best. Basically I am the tech support for it, I am not too bad but when all the errors are in another language things get tricky. For the most part you just hit the “on” button and take a deep breath. Maybe you will have the computer and audio system for the class you are teaching in 5 minutes, maybe not. So for these reasons and many more I dream of taking most if not all of the “technology” in my school out to the local soccer field and reenacting the classic office space scene.


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