Number TWO on our Top Five Countdown… American FOOD!

To recap our “Top Five Things I Miss The Most Countdown” so far… Number 5 – Florida, Number 4 – My Garage, Number 3 – My Movie Collection. Now on to our Number Two Most Missed Thing – AMERICAN FOOD!

The food in Korea is very good, there are some things that I don’t like but for the most part the food in Korea is very delicious. At times I am not sure exactly what I am eating but that is rare. I will say that the “spicy hot” factor is GREATLY exaggerated. I eat very nuclear food back home and was looking forward to pushing the limits of what I could take with all of the “Korean food is so spicy” talk but alas that is not the case. I will need to train before hitting up any of the local “Hot Food Challenges” that’s for sure.

I miss American food because that is what I am used to eating, not from any lack of culinary prowess by Korea. I think of my favorite foods back home and my mouth waters. Both restaurant food and the dishes I cook are definitely missed. One of the things that is really awesome about where I live in Florida is there are Bijillions of restaurants (that’s right… BIJILLIONS, it’s a number google it) so any time you don’t feel like cooking there is essentially every food under the sun to choose from. And it has been “Americanized” for you so the portions are huge, the price is cheap and it is insanely bad for your health which inevitably means that it is freakin’ DELICIOUS!

Since coming to Korea I have lost over 50 pounds, partly because I walk everywhere, partly because I am going to the gym religiously and partly because I have not eaten American food since leaving America. I have no doubt the over/under on how fast I will get fat again upon landing in America will not favor me very much. Hell, my “top 10 restaurants I want to visit as soon as I get back home” list pretty much guarantees I gain 10 pounds upon landing. The food in Japan is insanely awesome, the food in Korea is great but as they often say there is no place like home. Mugs and Jugs… get those nuclear boneless wings ready, make ‘em hot and make ‘em sloppy cause I am coming home soon.


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