Number THREE on our Top Five Countdown… My Movie Collection!

To recap our “Top Five Things I Miss The Most Countdown” so far… Number 5 – Florida, Number 4 – My Garage. Now on to Number 3 My Movie Collection. I am kind of a movie nut, I love movies! Not just any movies, really bad movies. It started when I was young, I would watch countless hours of Kung-Fu movies and the old Japanese monster movies. My father thought I had something wrong with me as I watched Master Of The Flying Guillotine for the 100th time. As I got older I collected those kind of movies but also found a deep love for old Sci-fi B-movies. I have never counted how many movies I have but I converted a closet to hold my DVDs and a second closet holds about 300 laserdisc movies and there is still some spillover. I also have a few thousand digitally. The sheer number of movies in my house back home can’t really be described accurately.

It used to be very hard to find the kind of movies that I enjoy. If you found a title that you wanted to see it would take a great amount of time and money to get it. Then they started to be available with the advent of cheap DVDs that have been pouring into the market. So when I did manage to find a copy of  Golden Swallow or Sex and Fury I bought it. Over time my collection just continued to grow and grow as I found more and more ways to get these crazy obscure movies. Many of the great movies of these genre are getting much needed remastering so I have been getting those (there is an INCREDIBLE remastering of the first 6 Godzilla movies that I suggest everyone buy ). I picked up a really good Laserdisc player because lately the movies for them have been cheap or free. Same as my record collection, Laserdisc movies are a way to squeeze more out of my money with no quality loss. The only thing that is lower quality with Laserdisc is the audio… they have the same visual quality as DVDs. They are just bigger because the compression was less. So often I get a Criterion collection box set of a movie that will have an obscure director interview on it for next to nothing and in some cases for NOTHING.

So when I left for Korea I loaded an external hard drive with a few hundred movies and figured I would be okay. But I have really been missing the on-hand selection. Being able to walk over to the DVD closet and watch just about an movie I want is a luxury that I have been missing in a big way. There are a few really incredible movies that I watch a few times a year… the Original Godzilla, The Day The Earth Stood Still (ORIGINAL… not the god awful remake), Deathrace 2000 just to name a few. These and so many more are part of my life, and they don’t really exist here. The B-movie and Sci-fi genre is pretty obscure in America and as far as I can tell it is non-existent in Korea. So for these reasons and so many more my NUMBER THREE Most Missed Thing is My Movie Collection. I see a few awesome movie marathons in my near future, starting with a Godzilla Weekend! Damn I miss godzilla!


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