Number FOUR on our Top Five Countdown…. My Garage


“His garage?” you might be saying to yourself… His number Four all time things he misses is his garage? Yup it is true and NO I have not lost my mind (no more than usual anyway). It turns out that I am a bit more of a tinkerer than I thought. I often get an inspiration and modify an existing thing or build something completely unique. Sometimes out of the blue I will start to scribble something on a piece of paper at work or in the car, then try to build it at home. Sometimes it works, other times not so much. No matter what it is I always find great fun trying to create. I love making things from my imagination.

Now, my garage is not some beautiful well organized place. Quite contrary to how I keep my work space and living quarters rooms at home my garage is a mess. But it is what I like to think of as an “organized mess”. Usually I will know where a tool or piece of hardware is even if it is buried under a few layers of projects that didn’t make the grade. It is a man pit in that there is lots of tools and machinery around. I can pretty much cut and grind and torch anything under the sun in my messy little cave.

As you can imagine living in a tiny apartment leaves no room for anything other than a leatherman tool to make quick home repairs and green duct tape to hold things together. The duct tape in Korea is green not silver like in America, this is one of the rare occasions that an American product is a bit more gaudy than it’s Asian counterpart. Even if I had the tools finding wacky material to work with would be a challenge. Part of the fun of building the bigger better mouse trap is finding unique materials to work with. That is a challenge back home where I know just about every shop and street, as you can imagine in a foreign land where I can’t find significant landmarks the chances of finding a shop that sells anything unique is slim to none. It is not that these wacky materials do not exist in Korea, I am sure they do I just don’t know how to find them. So my longing to build and create strange things out of weird materials makes my NUMBER FOUR all time things I MISS THE MOST my dirty smelly disorganized GARAGE.


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