Top Five Things I Miss… BIG NUMBER FIVE!

***The above is NOT parent approved, it is a filthy profanity filled rant so please do not click on it if you dislike lots and lots of cursing.

SO, on to the list! As many of you may or may not know since watching High Fidelity I have a new found love for lists. Since my time here is winding down I thought I would make a “Top Five Things I Miss Most” list. I will be doing them one at a time and will go from “least missed” to “Most Missed” least being number five and most missed being number one. I will clarify a few things at the beginning: This list will not include friends, family or loved ones. It is not that I do not miss them (OF COURSE I do). I think of that as a given, family and friends are always center of a person’s life. Also, this list is not in any way a slight against Korea, I have had a wonderful experience here and would not have traded it for anything. This is merely a list of the things that over the past 11 months I have come to realize mean a lot to me.

Todays Entry – Coming in at NUMBER FIVE – FLORIDA

That’s right, Florida. I grew up in Pennsylvania and upon graduating from Penn State immediately moved to the state I have called home since 1993. I moved to a place called “Clearwater, Florida” which is just outside Tampa. At times the brutal Florida summer can drag on a bit long and sometimes the driving there can get a bit tedious but overall I have always loved Florida. Recently I have started to think about moving to a different state, not for a dislike of Florida but just to see more of America. Since being away from Florida for a year those fleeting thoughts are GONE.

The time away reminded me of all the great things about where I call home. The warm sunshine, the breeze that comes off the ocean, the white white sand and the beautiful clear water (pun intended). Living in an area that relies on tourism gives you a few luxuries not found in other areas. There is a concerted effort to keep everything clean and presentable. The palm trees along the highways and the green lush grass trimmed and manicured are commonplace. Most buildings are washed regularly and painted often. Are there problems? Of course, I am not saying that it is heaven but I AM saying that there is plenty to love about the sunshine state. So my number 5 entry for things I miss most is my home state of FLORIDA. Stay Tuned for number four coming soon to a blog near you!


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