Fire and Ice… right now, only ICE

I was going to link Arnold saying “Hey Killien….here’s your Subzero,….now plane zero!” but I wanted to give some love to the original bad girl of Rock N’ Roll.

So, I never really put much stock into people saying they were “used to heat” or “used to cold”. I used to think that basically humans just lived where ever and they could adapt. Let’s just say that I have DRASTIALLY changed my stance on that.

I am no stranger to the harsh unforgiving cold, I grew up in Pennsylvania along the blue mountain where snow and ice made themselves at home quiet often. I remember fondly as a boy running and playing and thinking how wonderful it was to frolic in the snow. Then I got older and didn’t care for it so much. Then I moved to Florida so I never had to see it again. I moved to Florida in 1993. Over the years my incessant hatred for the cold faded and I started thinking it would be nice to go where it snows. I could take up skiing and really wreck what is left of my hips and knees right? Then I took this teaching job in Korea, where it snows.

Since winter hit about 4 weeks ago I have had exactly 3 sinus infections and all the glorious strip throat and dry painful coughing that goes with it. No, I am not talking about a cold. It seems that my body has gotten “used to” the beautiful sun drenched goodness that IS Florida and now it is angry with me. My sinuses are on strike and my lungs and throat are none too pleased either. I enjoyed seeing the first snowfall from my window, then I went out to the store for some bread and a stripped throat. Now I remember completely my hatred for the cold. It is gonna be a long 8 weeks. I hope my sinuses do not start some sort of police action against my body in that time. I am trying to file an injunction to keep them at bay, it’s not looking good. Sing us a song Mrs. Benatar… sing us a song about fire and ice.


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