Roller Derby Queens… as far as the eye can see!


Oh Jim, brother you ain’t lyin’. Last night was the “Picture our face” fundraiser that i did some of the art for. Basically it was a fundraising concert event from 5pm until 5am. The bands lined up were a wide range from Folk/funk to straight up punk and metal. I probably would not have gone were it not for two things. 1) a band that I absolutely love and is quickly becoming one of my favorites from Seoul was playing and 2) it was MC’ed by the Republic Of Korea Roller Derby team. That’s right, two great tastes that taste great together.

I made up 2 posters for the event and one of them was almost like fan art of the derby girls, kind of like a promo piece but more just something cool for the team. I had 2 fabric signs of the art made up, one to give to the team and one for me. I had all the girls autograph the sign for the Bunchofdorks studio back home. As I met the team throughout the night I had the best time, they were all fun and interesting and cool and funny. It was a blast! At one point I was wearing two birthday hats as a madonna vogue bra for some reason, and yes I was wearing them to dance. Long story short it was cool meeting them and talking to them and the venue was small enough that it was actually talking not just rushed signatures. The team got a huge fan last night, and I am sure that many other people at the concert felt the same as me. They are the epitome of cool!

The second insanely awesome part of the night, other than me wearing party hats as a bar, was sharing a beer with the band “Midnight Smokin’ Drive“. I first saw them at a concert event in Cheonan a few months ago and really loved their style and music. I made some art for them just for fun and they really liked it. The singer came up to me right as they arrived and she thanked me. I was kinda shocked because usually people don’t go out of their way to say thank you much anymore, being cordial is going the way of the dinosaur. ANYWAY… they also signed the banner and the guitar player gave me a beer from their pitcher and we talked for probably 30 minutes. I took a ton of pictures and said thanks to them for hanging out with me. I always worry about that kind of thing because I think there is a really thin like between being an appreciative fan or  being considered a nutball stalker. I am NOT the latter. Long story short, I met a couple bands drank a crapload of beer and got a better concept of what Jim Croce was singing about all those years ago. It will be a memory of a lifetime. Thanks to everyone for organizing it, hosting it and performing. Below is the fan art, please click on the picture to see their facebook pages.



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