Welcome to the Human Race

Ah, the ending of one of my favorite bad movies. What does that have to do with anything you might be asking yourself. Well let me tell you (Spoiler Alert), at the end of “Escape From LA” Snake Plisskan basically hits the kill button on a weapon that knocks out all electronic devices for the entire world. That my friends is EXACTLY what I would do if given the opportunity. Please don’t bother pointing out that I am using the internet…  I get it.

Today I read a blog post with the title “What do Koreans really think of Native English Teachers”.  Yup, as you can guess it was the usual hate filled affair. Basically to sum it up for you all Koreans think we are useless, alcoholic, culturally insensitive clods that are only here to “Americanize” the Korea and the world. It did stop short of calling us the scourge of humanity but one can only assume that was because they ran out of time. I realize this is one short sighted opinion of one person but I have noticed a trend lately where it seems perfectly fine to bash America and white folk. I am not going to stand here and say that America is perfect, far from it, but I do wonder if/when this ramped Anti-American racism is going to stop. How long are we expected to tolerate it?

I often thought that the key to understanding and creating a global community was open communication and cultural sharing. I used to believe that the internet was going to create one world. Not like singing kumbayah and holding hands and shit like that but you know… understanding and supporting each other on a personal level since our global governments are completely inept. Sadly, the internet has had the exact opposite effect. It has helped spread hate rather than love, it has helped the predators find the slow prey easier and it has shed light on all of human kind’s flaws. So, given the opportunity I would do as one of my hero’s Snake Plissken did in the movie and welcome everyone to the human race. What do you think… would you hit the big reset button and let anarchy rule or would you keep pushing forward?



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