Man or Woman? YOU be the judge!

That’s right, it is a Kimchi A Go-Go 2’fer today. In my 7th period English “Conversation” class I often use music video to keep the mood light and fun. Since the class is made up of 3 girls you can imagine what my life is like. That’s right… K-POP HELL!

Now, I am not going to rant too brutally about K-pop because that makes me sound old. Nothing says “your old” like trashing “young people music”. I will throw out the following observations for your consideration and leave it at that. 1) K-pop is the most formulaic music that has or ever will exist.  2) K-pop videos are very similar to the hip hop videos of the early 90’s. The more “WHITE” the better! Nothing says “you’ve made it” like people dancing in white outfits in a white room with white confetti dropping. Finally… 3) Male K-pop singers are more feminine and wear as much or more makeup than the combination of every woman that has or ever will live. That is all.

Which is your favorite? Do you swoon over the “artsy” one, or does the “Bad Boy” steal your heart. Doesn’t matter which group or what his name is… they are all the same.



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