Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I experienced something new this week, I felt sad at the closing of a store. No, not my beloved LotteMart. Rest assured that LotteMart is alive and well in S. Korea. No I am talking about a little corner grocery store that closed. Now, corner stores are a dime a dozen in South Korea. This one was kinda special to me in that they were nice to me and always gave me a smile and welcomed me. That might sound so insignificant but when you are alone sometimes all it takes to be special is a smile. I have been to all of the surrounding stores and they were not mean to me but they did not seem friendly like this one. I would often walk a little further to go to them rather than the nearest ones.

I went in the other day and inventory was being carted out and people were taking stock and I knew what I was seeing. I called my handler and asked her to translate via phone my questions. I thanked the owner for being so kind and I wished her luck in the future. She bowed as did I and she gave me a smile as I wished her luck.

It was a very different experience, most of the shops back home are corporate owned and operated and who cares if they come or go. That or the owner made me feel like a bother for being in their shop. Mostly when a store closed back home I only felt pissed because I would have to drive another block to get some other random crap I needed.

No, this was a little different. I was and still am sad that they closed. Not sad because I have to go somewhere else or they had some magical products that I could only find there. I feel sad because they always greeted me with a smile, that is more important than saving a few pennies. I hope that the owner finds something else that makes her happy. I hope she realized that she made a difference.


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