100 days… 100 nights

By my calculations I have exactly 100 days left in Korea. My 9 month anniversary came and went on November 14th. I have had an interesting ride, lots of good, some bad but always exciting. It is very hard to put into perspective the meaning of my time spent here. I think that will come after I return home, and after I settle back into my life. That is when the true meaning of this journey will unfold.

I have learned a lot. I learned a lot about Korea, about Japan and about America. I think mostly I learned a lot about myself, in reality that is really all we truly know. Everything else in life is only an illusion based on our perspectives. But i digress….

One of the most surprising things I learned about myself is how important my job is to me. I am by no means a workaholic, when I leave work I generally run rather than walk and once I pass through the doors my brain is onto other things. When I say my job I do not mean teaching per say… I mean how much being successful at what I do is to me. At my previous job I always tried to create the most widgets per day when that was the focus of management. I always tried to be the most precise when that was the focus on management…  basically whatever the “focus du jour” was that was what I tried to be the best at. Basically I never understood what drove me but I always wanted to be the best. I wasn’t always but I tried. It wasn’t for recognition or reward either, I just always pushed myself.  Only with the trials and constant failures that come with teaching did I realize how important it was to me.

I only have 30 more days of teaching and just over 80 more actual classes. My mind has started to focus on where I go from here. In 100 days I have a lot of tough tough decisions to make and I have to fight like hell to get a job and prove that I am a driven person. That is just as scary as it was when I got on that plane so many months ago… Future unknown. I tried my best here, it was often a failure but I always tried. I hope I made a little bit of a difference to a few kids. Where the hell am I gonna be in 101 days?






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