The world that is the BUS

100 posts! Who knew I had so much to say.

When I first left for Korea I knew it meant a year without driving. I was really not sure of the impact of that, would I miss it? Would life be better without the stress of driving? Overall I don’t miss driving my truck too much. But sometimes, just sometimes the bus ride makes me pine for the freedom that is hopping into my truck and easily going to my destination. Buses here are interesting, I think every country and every city’s buses have their own personalities. In Korea they are always very full, it is a rare day indeed that I last an entire trip in a seat. I am one of those foolish people that gives my seat out of chivalry. Generally that means I sit for about 2 stops until I am standing for the remainder.

Other things that make the bus experience “interesting” are those sitting around me. There are not a lot of crazies on the buses like in the USA, what I am often subjected to are the comedy styling of “Giggle and Snort” the wacky laughing girls. Last nights 1 hour and 10 minute bus ride I had a new comedy duo of “Giggle and Cough”. I am not sure if they are ALWAYS performing on the bus or just when i am on it. lets just say after 40 minutes the giggling and snorting get my nerves a little raw. The other interesting thing about the bus here is if you are traveling 4 miles you bet your ass that you WILL be stopping at ever single bus stop in that 4 miles… and there are bus stops approximately every 6-8 feet. This ensures that you will be on the staring at that next stop light praying once, just once we could drive on. Alas that is not the case.

The final thing that makes the bus ride in Korea super exciting is the wide variety of driver skill. Now, driving here is a very crazy affair to be sure. Traffic lights are a suggestion at best, scooters and taxis walk the earth with impunity and there really seems to be no actual rules so being a bus driver must be a challenge. The fun comes from the variety of driver, you don’t really know what you got until you are on the bus. I will review my 2 favorite kinds of bus driver.  First there is the smooth criminal – this driver is like a nice drive with your grandmother to church. He might not pay attention to other drivers or rules of the road but your death will be easy and peaceful. Then there is the OTHER kind… lose and rough like a drunk stock car racer. When you get the second one you are just as likely to lose your lunch as you are to make it to your stop. This driver waits to slow down and break until the actual stop. It is as if there were a bomb on the bus and he will not drop below 55 until it is too late. His cornering boarders on drifting and his horn alerts drivers that he has a gigantic land yacht and he is not afraid to kill with it.

Yeah, I don’t often miss my truck but sometimes just sometimes I think of Gary Numan and wish to be in my car.


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  1. Ice M
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 03:03:23

    I don’t know if you know this, but we are a 1-car family for now, so sometimes one or the other of us winds up taking the bus. Here is a little song I made up in my mind about riding the bus.

    Some days its filled with folks just going to work
    Other days its filled with mutants tools and jerks
    That’s when its a…

    No I do not want to know what’s in your pocket
    No you cannot have my hair for in your locket
    Oh no! I’m on a

    And it kind of goes on like that as verses occur to me. So I guess my point is, it’s not just you. That’s just busses.

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