A picture in Korea is like a Dio song…


Getting a decent picture of a Korean student is like seeing a rainbow in the dark, it is impossible! I often take pictures of my exploits here in Korea… you know to capture the moment so when I am old and my brain is mush from years of alcohol abuse I can look at the pictures and vaguely remember I was somewhere at some point. Well let me tell you something fella, if you are looking for pictures of students in Korea you can FORGET IT.

Much like garlic or rays of sunlight to a vampire (old school vampires not the sparkley crappy ones) a camera is a wicked sinful machine that actually steals the souls of children in Korea. Little did I know that such an inexpensive little thing has so much power. All you have to do is point it at a student and they duck and cover like a A-bomb drill of yester year! So try as I might to convince students that I am taking their picture so I can have something to share with friends and family back home it is to no avail. You will all just have to take my word for it that were are actually students here in Korea and we will leave it at that. Because sure as shit nobody is going to see a picture of one anytime soon.


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