It’s a nice day… for a white wedding!

Saturday I went to a wedding, I was excited to see a traditional Korean wedding. I remember seeing one at a Heritage Village kinda place with EPIK when I arrived in Korea but this one was “for reals” as the youngsters like to say. Basically I woke up and put on a formal suit then went up to the school. Both the people in the wedding are teachers at the school so they had a bus take all of the co-workers to the city of the wedding (nice right). His home town is in a neighboring city. So I shined my shoes and pressed my sunday to to meetin’ suit and got up to the school for the bus. When I got to the bus I sat with the gym teacher, he is basically my only friend here. Other teachers are nice but don’t really talk to me. He is crazy but a good guy; all in all we get along well.

So we got to the wedding place after about a 40 minute bus ride. There was a large crowd so I filled in and went up to a greeting table where we gave money in an envelope for the happy couple and in exchange they handed me a ticket. I read online that it is normal to give 50,000 won if you are close or 30,000 won if you just know the couple so i just gave the 30,000 won. I know him a little but not like a friend or anything like that. So I gave money and they hand me a ticket to go and eat at the buffet. I went and ate a little then all of a sudden the co-teacher that is in charge of me comes over and says oh the ceremony is now. so she grabs me and we go up and stand there and watch the “wedding”. turns out that there are 2 ceremonies… the first one is very casual for friends where they just kinda say vows and bow to each others parents and they are married. Then after everyone leaves there is a quiet traditional korean ceremony for family and very close friends.
So i basically rode a bus, ate a buffet and watched a ceremony that lasted like 8 minutes then we got back on the bus and went home. When you take out all the kneeling and god speak a marriage is fairly quick and painless process. I think back to my mother separating me, my father and sisiter in the church becuase “there is nothing funny about a wedding”. AH good times, nothing brings out the sarcasm in our family bloodline like a good wedding.

It was kinda weird because the bus ride there and back took longer than the time we were there. But I digress, I think I am going to try to start a fad where both weddings AND funerals are san-religion… hell, we might even be able to swing a drive through and we won’t have to get out of the car! Think about it won’t you, thank you.


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