More human than human

This quick post has nothing to do with my current Korean adventure, more like a general observation about life. I always find human behavior so odd. Troops are sent, gun battles blaze and death happens then people rush in to ask for official inquiries. Pictures of a dead man are splashed on the news and posted on every social outlet there is and people are appalled and shocked. Well what the hell do you THINK happens during war or any violent conflict?

Every time there is any kind of disaster the “how did this happen” BS and finger pointing starts to flood the media. The same parents that would sue a school for searching their sweet little Jimmy’s locker are the first ones to cry when some nutball shoots up a school. Maybe we should ask the hard questions BEFORE not after the fact. We sit back and wonder why society is going the way it is with violence and selfish “me first” attitudes, maybe it is time for a long hard look in the mirror. We are more human than human, and it shows.


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  1. Ice M
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 00:55:17

    True – far too few people seem to think beyond their own immediate concerns when they decide what to freak out about.
    That said, More Human than Human is an awesome song 😉

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