It’s all a matter of mind over matter…

and as they say “I don’t mind because they don’t matter.” Those harsh words and OG rap by the ever personable Mr. Tea are the mantra I live by in my bad classes. My week starts off really rough each week as I have mentioned. I used to get all torqued up and upset about it but now I just don’t. I have one great class sandwiched between 2 terrors each Monday and I give them my “A Game” and the 2 unteacable classes well, they just get taught. I don’t sweat and I don’t fret… I just phone it in. Hell if they don’t care neither do I. For the rest of the classes i give it my all. I want to thank everyone that has written in support and let me know I am not alone. I won’t soon forget those who lifted me up when I was down.

This weekend I am attending a traditional Korean wedding. I will report back to you after the event and let you know all about it. I am actually kind of excited to see and learn about it as opposed to American weddings which I generally avoid like the plague. In the past couple years I have adopted a “no wedding and no funeral” policy. I figured I have watched enough people in funny outfits saying words that they don’t believe for one lifetime. Not to say I won’t attend close friends or whatever but you catch my drift. Until next time, keep the rubber side down and keep on truckin. Over and out.


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