8 months in…

No real tie in with the music video, lets just pretend that “Aijin 28” translates into “8 months out of 12 in Korea” (work with me here people!). Actually i picked up a Sex Machineguns CD in japan and really loved their old school hair metal sound so i figured eh, why not link them. With some of the stretches i have made in the past this is no real shock is it?

So, today marks the 8 month anniversary of when i threw caution into the wind and climbed onto a plane for a far off land. Ah so many hopes and dreams ha ha. To be honest although i have documented my struggles in great detail on this blog i have had some great experiences and after i get back home and settle back in i think i will see many of my experiences in a different light. I have always believed that anything cool in life was marked with struggle. I mean, not like hey cool i found $10 on the ground but cool in the sense that it means something in your life. After all is said and done i know that i will look back and remember some of the interesting and awesome things i saw from Korea and Japan.

A friend of mine wrote me early this week just to say hey and told me to write 10 songs about my experiences here. I am playing guitar each night and trying to learn new things so when i get back i can join or form a band. I have never written any songs but he kinda inspired me so i am going to try. It might be some good therapy. Everything is about the same here, the kids are bad but there are some good ones. I wasted a lot of time worrying about the bad ones when the reality is i need to just focus on the good ones and let the bad ones flunk out and be homeless. I have started being really nice to the kids and talking and trying to be kind when i see them outside of class. Not like stupid clown nice but just kind and give them time to say the 4 English words they know to me. In class i try to keep a tight ship running but outside i let them know i am listening and give them some care. It is all i can do really. For the record i am a hard ass but i am not a cold hearted hard ass…. i do have a lot of care and feeling, it is just buried beneath layers of anger and left over beer.

I am planning a weekend trip into Japan and then a 2 week winter holiday in Japan. So basically of my 12 month stay 1 month and 2 days will have been in Japan. There are still 2 or 3 places i really need to see in Korea. I should get to the DMZ, i want to see Busan for the beaches because although i did not go to the beach a lot when i was back home in Florida i sure as hell do miss them. Lastly i really would like to get to Jeonju Island. It is a tiny tourist rock of an island between Korea and Japan. All said and done it has been a wild 8 months, i am down 50 pounds and counting, experiencing new cultures and seeing some new places. As a side note: nothing sucks like saying “I lost 50 pounds” and still being a fat ass. So sad. ANYWAY, i am raising a beer or two (or 8) to celebrate my anniversary and i hope you all will too. See you in 4 months. With that i will leave you with a hair band raising Sex Machinegun SCREAM!!!!!


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