Don’t ask me… I Don’t Know

I know many have been waiting and writing to see the ultimate decision that i am going to make. Like a Dallas cliff hanger you are still going to have to hang on a little longer to see who shot J.R. Sad truth is as Ozzy is often heard to say “I don’t know” the other sad truth is that i am old enough to get the Dallas joke i just wrote. I am not generally a flighty kind of person and i am also not usually one to give up easily. Some days i look at what i have given up to give here and think i need to stick it out, other days i think how nice it would be to leave behind the droves of kids that don’t care about English and re-enter the land of the living. There are strong pros and cons for either argument.

If i choose to stay here it will be about money, and anyone that knows me knows that i hate anything that is about the money. Rest assured i am not a chump and i make money where i can but i often find my greatest satisfaction in my jobs and doing them to the best of my ability. I am old school like that, i always try to be the best. So to just be “phoning it in” the next 3 months is not a very appealing. I have been a restaurant manager so that qualifies me to basically be able to put up with basic training levels of bullshit. I passed month 7 here which leaves 5 more months but only 3 months of solid classes, the last 2 months would just be like BS conversation classes and stuff like that which are generally favorable. I wanted to give everyone an update so you know i am not intentionally leaving you all hanging. If and when the ultimate decision comes you will be some of the first to know. I am gonna try, i am gonna try to find something to hang onto. It is almost like when ever i reach out for even the slightest light i get burned. Such is life i guess.

I am going to move on from the topic and get back to what i do best (making fun of people and things) once i settle on my final decision i will share. Thank you to everyone that has written with their thoughts and their support, it does mean a great deal to a stranger in a strange land. Please make sure to check out for all of your bad B-movie review needs.

P.S. – if there is anything cooler than performing a concert with a fringed shirt with your own name on it i have yet to see it!


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