Serve my time or Jailbreak?

Do i stick it out or do i run for the border? Basically the contract i signed states that after 6 months i no longer have to pay back relocation fees and stuff like that. So 30 day resignation and bob’s your uncle. I have been thinking more and more about giving notice and rolling out of here early. I have been here 7 months of a 12 month stint, with notice it would be right at 8 months. Now it comes down to weighing pros vs. cons

See, as i think i explained in an earlier post the 9th grade students (here they call them 3rd grade middle) are getting worse and worse with no hope. So each class with them is, excuse my language, complete and utter shit. I try to have a high tolorance and patience but i do have limits. It boils down to how much shit can you take and why. How much is pushed to it’s limit pretty much daily with the in class fights and the cocky stupid too-cool-for-school kids. The why is the big dilemma. Let’s examine the “why” shall we…

Why, why continue along the path? ego or monitary reward or self satisfaction or some stupid belief ? Ego, that plays a part. I am a pretty proud person although i try to play it down. I take pride in proving others wrong who doubt me or doing twice the work of others because i can. Ego has it’s rewards but burdens as well. Money, ah the devils dangling carrot money. IF i stay i get a finishing bonus and tax refunds to a fairly heafty tune. I am not much of a money person but i am not a fool either. Coming home to a horrible job market, being old and fat my chances of landing a job right away are slim and none. So, money DOES unfortunately play a part in the decision. Self satisfaction? eh, i kinda threw that out the window after the reality of my situation hit me around the 3rd week here. I do find satisfaction in seeing different places and exploring. If i stick it out i do have a paid vacation to japan waiting for me at winter break. That DEFINITELY plays a role becuase i loved Japan more than words can express. And as for the stupid belief thing, i am a pretty rough critic. There are no fairytails in the world that aren’t penned by some hack for movie studios. In the end we all lay in a box while some guy in a funny outfit says things like “he was a good man” (ironically they say that if you were or not so not a lot of pressure on that one).

Bottom line, i got a lot of thinking to do. As i stare into the blank thoughtless eyes of the future ditch diggers of the world do i go on and keep punching the clock for the greater good of my bank account or do i cash in my chips and return to the beautiful world of the sunshine state free from the deadeyes that fill my every day? I cannot answer that question just now, i have to struggle through another 45 minutes of pointlessness.

P.S. – Horray for my 90th post!

P.S.S. – please visit  for all your Sci-Fi B-movie needs.


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  1. Mark
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 06:19:11

    This does sounds like a crap situation. From what you mentioned, if I were you I would use the next 5 months to find a job in Japan. When you go there in January you can go for an interview and since the money you get in Korea is much better than Japan, at least you’ll have your severance bonus, planeticket and pension money to support you while you move to Japan. If you go back to America now you’re just gonna lose money, be on the bad side of the Korean Government, have thousands of dollars less and you’ll be in a worse position to keep travelling/working. I’m sure you know all this already but that’s just what I would do 🙂


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