School is back, like a punch in the gut from Tyson!


To all good things must come an end. The reality that i was not in Japan anymore came crashing down on me like a ton of bricks. My school started on a wednesday. why? who the hell knows. Knowing that schedules are very random here i figured “well, they will be doing start of semester stuff so some or most of my classes will most likely be cancelled.” BUZZZZZZZZZZ Wrong! I forgot one of the most important rules of life, if you are going to step into the ring you better lace up your gloves! I didn’t, i took the fight lightly.  So after a few jabs and a hook i woke up, my corner man cut me and popped some smelling salts and i was back for round two. Long story short, i survived the fight.  Got my wits about me and came out swinging to finish the half week.

Reality hit me when my classes started with a in-class fight that i broke up  and a class that got punished with 3,100 sentences to write (15 kids – 100, 5 kids – 200 and 2 lucky winners 300 sentences each). See, to deal with bad kids i use the 80/20 rule to punish the 20% of the kids that are bad and keep the 80% that are just there protected.  i write the bad student’s number on the board after their first offense as a warning then start adding sentences by the hundred upon further infractions. Usually 1 or 2 kids a week will get a hundred or so of my patented “sentece of the week” the others shut up when they get the warning because writing sentences sucks. Usually something like “there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, there is only right now.” or some other such nonsense. For some reason this class was not in the mood and neither was i. They lost. In the end i felt kinda bad about smashing them so hard so i told their homeroom teacher to half the punishment for each kid and we moved forward.

In the end i got the last laugh, i assigned every student to a 2 minute speech that i will be grading. I remembered a study that talked about how most people were petrified to speak publically. I think my students will have a few speeches this semester. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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