Kimi Ga Yo!

Well, here is the long awaited final review for Japan.

They came in at a whopping 48.5 Mega-fonzies out of a possible 50 on the Farnsworth Cool-O-Meter! My trip to Japan was everything i could have imagined and more. I got to see a ton of sights, shrines and many MANY cool things. The culture is pure cool, the style is futuristic retro and the food is freaking incredible!

The weather was hotter than hell but i can’t hold global warming against a country. Basically i was soaked with sweat from dawn till dusk but that is what i get for going on vacation in the dead of summer. I toured Asahi beer factory (asahi means morning sun), i visited Toei studios, I saw Osaka castle, i went to more shrines than you can shake a stick at. The only problem with that is my brain has condensed all the shrines into a sort of Shrine Slurry. A few really stand out like the Kinkaku-ji (golden one) and the one that housed a billion mile high buddha surrounded by deer that come up and eat from your hands.

I found a bunch of old thrift style stores that fed my vinyl record lust and i scored a Japanese Super Famicon (japan super nintendo) with a ton of awesome games. The most amazing thing about japan is the Futuristic Retro style of everything, clean beautiful lines in all their cars and motorcycles… they look like they are from the 60’s or 70’s but futuristic.

So how does this magical land of awesome not score a perfect you might be asking yourself. The country loses 1 mega-fonzie because i don’t live there and the other 1.5 mega-fonzies are lost because of Crocs. Any place that sells, wears or acknowledges the exsistence of Crocs loses 1.5 mega-fonzies because they are the most uncool of the uncool. BUT, i will say that this score will be really hard to beat. Hell, i am not sure that even graceland in all of its King Of Rock goodness will get near this rating. I loved my time in Japan and i hope to get back again at least once more before i head back to the US of A. I cannot really describe the wonders and the scope of Japan, i urge all to see it. When you are standing in a shrine looking at a cedar tree that is over 1,000 years old it kinda makes you think. So with that i leave you all with another awesome Japanese invention – the shortest National Anthem currently in use The Kimi Ga Yo!


Don’t forget to visit for all of your B-movie reviews. It is getting lonely.


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