Crazy days? Crazy Nights!

You know, i was going to post some of my favorite garage punk from Japan then i thought i should go old school. To quote Kill Bill – “i am all about old school.” So i dusted off an old metal classic. ANYWAY, today i am going to establish a new feature when talking about somewhere new. All of my excursions will now be based on the Farnsworth Cool-O-Meter. The scale will run from zero to 50 “Mega-Fonzies”. A score of 50 Mega-Fonzies will be damn near impossible to get because even the best places have some slight detractors. These scores will be from my personal observations and have nothing and i mean NOTHING to do with governments or religions. It will have everything to do with culture, people and general style.

Now, i was going to do Japan today but in reality i have only been here 1 week out of a 2 week stint. At this point in my stay they are running really high on the Cool-O-Meter, the only detractor at this point is that i don’t live here. If i lived here it might be hitting the coveted 50 Mega-Fonzies (yes, in my twisted brain i actually ADD to the Cool-O-Meter). Where will Japan end up? You will just have to wait and see, but with a Top Ramen Noodle Museum, an authentic Ninja Castle/school Tour, Toei Studios AND a giant freaking robot in the middle of a city for no reason Japan is screaming kamikaze style toward a 47.75 Mega-Fonzies!

In the future i might be doing smaller areas like Graceland or Seoul, not just entire countries. Hell, why should the rest of America have to pay for the sins of Arkansas. Also, i am going to reserve final judgement on South Korea until i return home. I think some things need a little time for reflection. SO, to all reading this i am having an insanely awesome time in Japan. I am seeing a ton of cool things and remembering how to laugh and smile again! Until next time when Japan gets its full Farnsworth Cool-O-Meter review i leave you with the words of Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli… “Sit on it!”


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