No Rest For The Wicked…

Yeah, i wanted to post an Ozzy “No Rest For The Wicked” music video but there weren’t any so you get motorhead instead. I think it is a fair trade. Besides, Lemmy in an ascot pretty much is a level of kickassery that most only dream of attaining. ANYWAY…

So English sumer camp ended last week. The 2 weeks went by quickly and without many major issues. Mostly i was told to take it easy and mostly the kids just dicked off and didn’t listen to anything. My approach was to just keep throwing random activities at them and on occasion throw ACTUAL things AT them. That was frowned upon by co-teachers but hey, i gotta be me. At the conclusion of the camp i had one week until my vacation started that could be nothing as in leave and take the week for free, could be desk warming or could be another class. Anyone care to venture what straw I drew?

So this week i am working 8:30 – 4:30 teaching 4 kids a writing class. I am going to forego the fact that without the squiggly red line i can’t spell for crap and just say my 2 hour classes consist of me making the kids write. I think up one grand topic per day like “who is your favorite kpop singer and why”, write a letter to your favorite kpop singer… etc, etc. Rinse, repeat, cash the check. I bought each kid a journal thing to write in and i throw a lot of candy at them (again… gotta be me, kids need to develop quick reflexes for their future). With one foot already on the plane to japan (this Saturday) i thought it would be best to keep it light.

The best thing about this extra week is the school is EMPTY. Other than the principal and a few admin walking around making sure i am here this place is a ghost town. So i play my DS and write skits for my other podcast project. I did spend 3 hours each morning totally ripping my classroom apart and scrubbing the gum and filth of everything. So my room is now sparkly clean, that will last until 15 seconds after my first class when it is completely destroyed again. But hey, i can always think back to that fleeting 4 days when the room was just perfect. As they say (and by “they” i obviously mean me and Ozzy) there is no rest for the wicked.

Please check out my newest podcast project, it is me reviewing old Sci-fi movies –


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