It is a Hot Hot Summer!

Yup… i finally did it, i posted a Kpop song on my blog. No, the students haven’t broke my spirit and defiant music taste the song just illustrated that it is hot in Korea and they don’t really use air conditioning like America. In fact i am starting to gather that NO other country uses air conditioning like America. You know that refreshing blast of ice cold air that greets you as you enter shops or buildings in the summer, not so much here. It is just more hot.

ANYWAY, i kinda left everyone hanging from my “Blinded by science” post. Basically i met with EPIK and voiced my concerns and they talked with me about some solutions. I will not be transferring to a different school. To be honest i was not super keen on trading in my problems here for a new host of problems. I will meet with my co-teachers and talk about some of the things that are bothering me and also i have to take some advice from homer simpson and just not care. That is not really my way but hey if it eases my stress then half assed it is.

Summer camp is limping along as i envisioned. The students aren’t bad except for a few but i can tell they have no idea what the hell i am saying and without a native co-teacher i am on my own. So i just keep throwing activity after activity at them until they leave. You know… funny cat video, intro, music video activity, main activity, recess, word search, ontline game, another word search… get out. It isn’t going bad. I am also lifted up by my upcoming trip to JAPAN! 2 weeks in japan has my heart and mind fired up and really happy. I am still sad by the loss of my old buddy Kink (cat that was with me since 1993) but he had a great life. So, i try to block out the sad and just focus on my guitar and Japan. Hopefully when i get over to the land of the rising sun i will find some kick ass vinyl records and tons of godzilla junk. I already have my eyes on a samura sword handled umbrella. I am sure i will just buy 2 of those, one to use here and one to send home. until then i just have to sweat it out to the kpop forcast of a hot summer, a hot hot summer yeah.

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