Nice.. but don’t look too close.

At first look Korea is made up of such beautiful buildings, my apartment is small but so nice. Just like when you stay at a hotel it is best that you don’t look too close. See, i am a dying breed that pines for the days when lighters were metal and everything in a house was hard wood and glass. Here in Korea everything looks very sturdy but is made of very breakable things. I didn’t notice it right away, in fact upon arrival i was enamored with the look and feel of everything here.

I liken it to when you arrive in a city and check into your hotel. Everything looks magically delicious and awesome. If you stay in that hotel room more than say 2 or 3 days you start to see that nothing is as it appears. THAT is exactly how my surroundings are here. I am not saying this in a bad light, hell most everything these days is made from cheap crappy pressed wood and plastic.

I hate it, but cost restrictions keep me from making my home in America as i dream. I can’t justify buying a hard wood door for $400 when the crap foam core one is $39.. i should, if i was true to my conviction and really want to make a better world i would vote with my dollar and buy the oak $400 door but i don’t make that kind of money. So like everyone else i get the crap stamped made in China cheap piece of crap door. That is the same construction here but on a higher level. I leaned against the “granite” wall in my apartment building to feel it give, i was like “that’s not right”. Upon further inspection the faux granite wall was actually panels of thin plastic that looked like granite. The “pine” book shelves in the school had the joints and everything so i was like “that is good they are made of wood”. After all, why would i doubt it… pine is cheaper than air. Come to find out that the pine shelving is in fact pressed wood with that paper exterior (complete with joints to fool the casual onlooker).

so bottom line, look but don’t touch and you will walk the earth thinking everything is as it should be. Wood and Metal and Glass… a strong beautiful world. Look closer and you will find out that just as many things in life, it is a lie. I hope when i get back to America i start to be true to myself and make my house of Oak and Metal and Glass… until then i best look but don’t touch and just pretend that a slight wind won’t blow over the house of cards.


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  1. Mark
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 00:40:43

    You’re right the quality of things in Korea is a lot worse than in the West. In western countries we expect a higher level of quality for more common/generic things around us. People in the West are also more aware of good quality “international” brands (and demand it) unlike in Korea where local brands are much more popular.

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