I’ve been blinded by science, and reality!

Okay, it hit me today… bad fit=bad fit. As Mr. Thomas Dolby sang about all those years ago i have been blinded by science. For the second last week of the semester here in South Korea I began teach with the usual horrible results. See, on Monday 2 of my 3 classes are the worst of the worst, they are truly disrespectful. I adopted a policy of handing out writing assignments to all of the bad kids in class. As the week progressed i explained my new discipline policy and handed out hundreds and hundreds of sentences to write. Finally on Friday, as the final class got the dose of reality that i had enough of their behavior i got hit with the truth. I need to go. As a rule in life if something isn’t fun or productive then to me it is worthless.

See, i live by a strict code that if you don’t like your reality you change it. We all create the world we live in, if you are poor then work hard and get education and change it. If you are miserable at your job find a new one, if you are fat lose weight, and if the song on the radio sucks you change the channel. It is much easier than people think, WE create our worlds! The reality is only we see life through our eyes and only we live in our worlds. At the end of the day when we close our eyes it is only our mind, our reality and OUR actions that we must answer for. SO, it hit me late Friday… i am not having fun. The students at the school i am at don’t like English, they don’t give a rat’s ass about America and they don’t care about the many things i have accomplished in my life. So no matter what i plan or think up to try to introduce other cultures or the English language it will have no affect. Easily put i am not appreciated, so i am going to go. Return on investment is in the negative. I sent an email to the EPIK coordinator to see about getting transferred to a different school because i have heard that there ARE schools in Korea that the students DO care about English and other cultures.

Rest assured this decision did not come easily, i do not give up without a fight. In my moment of clarity when i pushed aside all of the bullshit like saving money or thoughts of “it might get better” i realized it won’t. I will try to do right by EPIK and get a new assignment, it would rub me a little raw for a while to leave them high and dry. I will miss the few (let me stress VERY FEW) students that care and the few teachers that were kind to me but in the long run i will only be a forgotten memory even if i stick it out. So, the rubber has hit the road. I am going to meet with the EPIK coordinator and try to resolve this amicably. Stay tuned i am sure this is going to get bumpy. If things get nasty i might have to burn a few bridges… i don’t like to but i am not afraid to. At the end of the day i try to do what is right, but i must always do what is right for me. Thanks Mr. Dolby, so many years finally i have been blinded by science just like you.


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