Nothing else matters…

Sometimes the darkness seems deeper than you ever imagined. I was clipping along, getting into the daily teaching thing with the usual ups and downs. I had been expecting a care package from home that was going to cheer me up. Being a million miles away doesn’t seem so far when the occasional package from home comes. This box was going on the 4th week which is crazy long so i was starting to get a little depressed. Turns out that the package got damaged in transit and it isn’t coming. So lets just say that those million miles never felt so far as they do right now. But wait, there is much more Friday my dark day fell into oblivion, i woke to the news that my old cat back home passed away. I got “kink” back in 1993 and he had been by my side every day since. He was named after a small kink he had at the end of his tail. He was my best friend. So i got to go teach kids that don’t care about me or English while i choked back tears and missed home all day. Awesome.

I took this challenge to push myself and grow as a person. Well, it is definitely challenging me. I know i will get through this, the stages of grieving will progress and as they say time heals all wounds. I know that i will never forget my best friend and i know that i gave him 18 wonderful years of love and care and the best life i could afford for him. I hope he knew how much he meant to me. I hope i can feel better soon.


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