Let it die…

No, i am not talking about my dreams or myself… I am talking about the hours and hours i spend trying to find suitable music videos. See, i try my best to keep my classes lively and “hip”. Often i am use music videos with worksheets where i take some of the words out so the students need to follow along and try to fill in the blanks. Well, i have run into two problems… wanna hear them?

1) the videos. They are either sexually explicit, promoting drugs and violence or they just plain suck. I have to watch each one and make sure there is nothing (and i mean NOTHING) that the kids can latch on because although they seem to not really know a thing i am saying let the music video use one curse word and they catch it. Funny huh. On top of that the music can’t be too fast or too slow, it can’t be sung with any wacky effects or accent otherwise it can’t be followed. Guess what that leaves… you guessed it 2 things: jack and shit, and jack left town.

2) the students. The students often laugh or make fun of my video selections. Never mind if it is someone like oh i don’t know Johnny Cash or say Elvis… god knows in the long run they will never be as popular as the latest K-pop group. Here in lies the problem… In Korea K-pop is king, no matter how anti-music and horrible it really is. So anything that is not K-pop is instantly labeled as bad or dumb. So i choke back the urge to punch a hole in the wall as the students make fun of the video i choose and explain to them that i can’t play better music because they can’t follow along with anything produced past the mid 1950s.

I still play the videos, in the grand scheme of things they are at least quiet when the bright flashing lights are on and in the end isn’t that what is important. Thanks youtube, you make the world a better place ( i wanted to put thanks MTV but for the life of me i don’t know when the last time that channel was relevant).


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