One is the LONELIEST number…

No, this is not going to be a sad depressing post despite the title and video selection. This post is for all the future EPIK’ers out there that have been reading my post to gain insight on EPIK and Korea. I have gone over the FBI CBC BS (see what i did there ha ha) and i have tried to give a decent framework about what to pack so now i am going to talk about your co-teacher(s) and what they mean to you. They talk a lot about it at orientation but i cannot stress how important they are in your life. It is kinda like you are a baby and the co-teachers are your parents. I cannot speak for other schools but at my school the kids pretty much treated my class like a screw off class and showed me no respect and didn’t care at all about what i was teaching. I have been told my school is not normal and most other schools the kids are not so disrespectful (yeah, lucky me) BUT quickly into the process i made it clear that my class was not going to run like that and the kids pretty much fell in line but ONLY after my co-teachers and in a few cases of the worst classes the homeroom teachers got involved. Main point here is they kids only responded when the co-teachers supported me.

The relationship goes beyond the classroom, when you need advice the co-teachers are there to help you. When you want to make better lesson plans or better your teaching style it is your co-teachers that will guide you. Hell, when you want to make the child lock on the cable go away so you can watch TV after 11pm guess who makes it go away… you guessed it your co-teacher. Long story short is i got lucky and most of my co-teachers are great. I try my best to figure things out on my own and lessen my burden on them because long story short that is really what i am to my co-teachers – a burden. So all you future GETs out there please try your best to be courteous and gracious to your co-teachers. They help you more than you can imagine. You will not get along with all of them perfectly, everyone is different but you can always be professional and honest in your daily interactions. I try to openly communicate and i also try to not really overthink things (you will do this a lot as a stranger in a strange land). Make sure to send me specific questions as your EPIK time draws closer I will always do my best to reply with go information.


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