The grinch hissed… all the noise noise noise noise!

I have been enjoying my time in S. Korea, i know sometimes my posts might sound differently but really i often write things with a sarcastic humor to them. Today i am going to talk about noise pollution. I am not sure if there is an official meter that i can buy but i am fairly certain that Korea is one of if not THE top of the list for loud countries.

I have been in many many cities and i know what they sound like, Hell when i was in San Francisco i heard car horns so often i felt uneasy when i didn’t hear them. No i am talking about basic humans making incredible amounts of noise. I first noticed it the moment i stepped into the school, screaming kids and sounds that resembled stampedes. I thought, wow this place is noisy but hey they are kids. Then i went to my apartment and the neighbors upstairs got into a drunken fight at 3am… must have had a bad night, so i woke up at 6am and vacuumed the ceiling for 30 minutes or so (hey as they say paybacks are a bitch). Then winter turned to spring and i flung the windows open with glee since living in Florida there are basically only 2 seasons, hot and hotter and i am relegated to a life of scurrying from AC to AC. Upon opening the windows i realized something, it isn’t the school or the neighbors. Nay, it is KOREA.

The country seems to be based on one law, the louder the better. Kids scream, dogs bark, scooters race too and fro, cars honk for no apparent reason since nobody is going anywhere. Earlier tonight i was sitting in my apartment playing the guitar and watching some crap on TV and realized i couldn’t hear anything but the noise outside. That is when it dawned on me, this is what it must be like inside a crazy person’s head! I want to tape it and play it on the podcast for one of the music breaks so everyone can enjoy that which is my background “white noise”. I am not going on record saying Korea is the noisiest place on earth, not yet anyway… i need to check out a few other countries before i can crown a winner. Lets just say i am confident that Korea has set the bar, game on other countries with your not shouting kids and not endless barking dogs. GAME ON!


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