Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

Yup, it's a toaster over

Okay, so some things in life don’t matter so much. In the blink of an eye you forget they exist and life goes on as normal. Then there are some things, even the smallest little things, that seem to matter a LOT. Take for instance some minute little thing like toast. You don’t think of it a whole lot do you? Sometime you might have toast with breakfast, sometimes just a nice piece of toast with coffee but you most likely don’t put a whole lot of time into thinking of toast. I missed toast!

Don’t get me wrong, they sell toasters in South Korea the problem is when you have exactly 1.3 cubic inches of counter space there isn’t exactly room for a frivolous thing like a toaster. That space is for your coffee cup or in case a fly wants to land in your “kitchen”. So i chalked up toast as one of those things that you just have to let go of. Time passes and i found myself really missing toast, but not just toast but things heated in something other than a microwave too. See in my spacious studio villa i have 1 burner and a small microwave. That is it. So i am always thinking of creative ways to make one pan meals… but everything being heated in a microwave was starting to wear on me. One day it hit me… i could construct a ledge outside my window on the outside of my apartment for my bed and that would give plenty of room for a toaster, HELL that would free up enough room for a toaster over. But then it occurred to me that if i sleep outside on a ledge i might fall to my death if i roll over the wrong way – and it there is ONE THING i can’t stand it is falling to my death. So i had to think of a solution where i could stay in my apartment AND i could eat toast. Think Think Think… i could put the toaster on the back part of the toilet but that is just plane silly, that is where i put my shampoo. Then it hit me, there is enough room for a toaster oven on the top of the microwave that sits on the top of my mid-size fridge. Hell, only had to move my iron and a few other things and voila instant room.

Giddy with excitement i woke this morning with visions of buttered toast and left over pizza heated in an OVEN. i took a walk to my home away from home (Lotte Mart). Walked up to the appliance section and found my new best friend. Then i started looking and looking… where are the ovens. I call a person over and mime “I want this one” in a way that would make Shields and Yarnell proud ( 1… that’s right, i made a Shields and Yarnell reference and 2… those of you wondering what the hell i am talking about here is a link… Shields and Yarnell ). The lady makes the X motion with her arms which is the universal sign for NO in Korea. I think she might have actually seen a grown man cry. After 2 months of microwave slop and no toast my spirit was broken. Lucky for me i found a place called “home plus”!  They had a toaster oven! Giddy with excitement i plopped down my 48,000 won and hurried home. It was the best god damn piece of toast i have ever had! I look forward to leftover pizza tomorrow! join me brothers and sisters, lift up your piece of toast high in the air and say it with me. It is the LITTLE THINGS that matter most!


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