Part 2… What to Pack for EPIK

I waited 2 months to make this so i could give a better impression of what i brought that was useless and what has been a savior. First I am going to say although I am trying to be as comprehensive as I can there is only one person that knows what they need each day and that is YOU. I took the approach that i had to bring everything i needed for a year with me. Also, many items i tried to find the most bang for my buck, meaning i didn’t bring a knife and a spoon and a fork I brought a titanium Spork (yes they make them). I bought a leatherman tool so i had everything i needed for general home repair in a very small item. I bought a lot of things from the local Army Navy store because if anyone knows how to squeeze the most use out of the lightest smallest thing it is the military.

So i brought 1 suit (haven’t wore it yet), 3 ties (haven’t wore them yet either), 7 pair of dress pants, 10 dress shirts, 2 belts, athletic shorts, 7 t-shirts, socks and 2 pair of dress shoes, 1 pair of sneakers. In retrospect i could have went 2 sneakers and 1 pair of dress shoes because basically you wear your dress shoes to walk to school then take them off and put on slippers. I also bought a rain parka from Army Surplus because that is my preference over an umbrella. When you come will determine if you need winter stuff right away or if you can slide by until they are shipped to you. I came in February so i needed all my winter stuff right away. i brought a trench coat, a leather coat, a denim jacket and a hoodie. Also a scarf, some gloves and a hat or 2.

For electronics i brought an Ipod, my Nintendo DS, a flip video camera, a camera, a video camera, a laptop and i brought an external hard drive LOADED with music and movies. I also brought my Wii and a bunch of flash drives. I figured a year away from entertainment i could understand would be hard. In reality there are many English channels on TV and basically CSI whatever is playing round the clock. I don’t regret bringing so much for entertainment but i have not used it as much as possible.

For personal hygiene this will be very individual. I created a DOPP Kit (the leather bag with all grooming needs included). In the DOPP kit i put a good pair of scissors, a razor with exchangeable blades, a comb, a brush, nail file, nail clippers, tweezers, deodorant and travel size shampoo and toothpaste. Again, the travel size stuff will get you through until you get your apartment and you will be able to find most hygiene items here except for deodorant. YOU WILL NOT be able to easily find deodorant so figure out your needs. I use about a stick a month so i took 2 sticks with me and my first 2 boxes from home contain 6 packs of my brand. That will last until i get back.

Aside from the DOPP Kit i brought some medicines with me because being a large American the medicine made for smaller people will be weak to me. I brought Thera-Flu (haven’t used it yet but when i need it i will be VERY happy to have it), i brought Advil from home and had a 2nd larger bottle shipped to me. The other item i brought was a First Aid Kit. Seems a bit anal retentive but if the day comes when i am laying bleeding to death in my bathroom after a slip and fall happens then i am sure i will not think it is too silly anymore. Because i do not know how to call emergency and ask for an ambulance. So again, might seem silly but i bought an OSHA approved First Aid kit. It cost me like $35 on ebay and might save my life. Worst case is i leave it in the apartment when i split.

That is about it other than a few things… i always travel with my zippo, i have a swiss army knife that has been with me for a long time, i have a wind up alarm clock (the funky brown ones from the 70’s) because that way i will get up even if the power is out. I DID NOT bring sheets, i know this is a hot topic but i have been fine without. Here they use this quilt looking thing to use instead of sheets and they have worked out fine for me. I am sure i have missed a few things so if anyone has direct questions please comment and i will reply as soon as i can. Also if you are already here and see any glaring omissions please let me know and i will add them.


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  1. kimchiagogo
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 01:16:24

    I wouldn’t suggest an army knife, from what i have read on the internet the knife laws in korea are INCREDIBLY strict. i know that they blur out knives on TV and movies. Which is kinda funny because you see a blur thrust into a person then blood everywhere. but i digress, i would not bring anything over a small pocket knife to Korea.

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