What to pack for EPIK

I packed my bags last night…. PREFLIGHT!

I know that this info is out there in numerous forms but i think that most of it is slightly older so i wanted to take some time to post the process i used for packing for a year abroad with EPIK. I will start by saying this is by no means complete and everyone will have slightly different needs and wants but this is how i approached it. I hope it is helpful to you.

I made a master list in Excel to keep track of what i needed. I started a few months out from my departure date. Each day i would add or prioritize what i added to the list. Toward the end before i departed i kept track of everything i would use each day (for a week or so) to make sure that everything i used was on the list, then i started to determine if the item was necessary or luxury.

I will be very frank here, everything you need for a year must fit into the airlines baggage restriction. The very first thing you need to do is find out what they are because they vary GREATLY from airline to airline. The next thing you need to realize is that for 10 – 14 days (sometimes more) you will be carrying all of your belongings on your back and when you do arrive in your apartment it will could be the size of your livingroom or smaller back home. I know in my case my livingroom in Florida is bigger than my entire apartment here so lets just say many things do not make it to the “necessity” pile. I am going to break this up into 2 posts so this is the preliminary “how i did it”, then the next post will be more of the actual list so bear with me. The last thing i did to relieve some of the size and weight restrictions was i made up a few boxes to be mailed to me through out the year. I don’t need 12 deodorant sticks in my luggage – only 1 when i arrive so the next 6 come in the first box and last 6 in the mid-year box. Also, i wanted to see what i could and couldn’t get here so the luggage consisted of mostly electronics and clothing with a few other survival things. Again, i will post more in the next one.

SO… to review:  Make a list and check it often. Go through each day writing down EXACTLY what you use. Get your size and weight restrictions from the airlines and finally make boxes for things you don’t need until you get established. Stay tuned next time for Stewie rocketman and a complete list of what you will need for Korea.


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