In a world where Pizza Makers walk with impunity!

Well, first off I want to say that yesterday it was raining in S. Korea and all the buzz was about radioactivity in the rain. Apparently the scare was all the radiation was coming over from Japan in the rain. That’s right, radiation is this years “acid rain”. I walked in it to school then home then to the gym and back. One of my co-teachers asked me if I was okay… I told her I was trying to gain superpowers. That was pretty much the end of the conversation about “radioactive rain” with me. Needless to say if there was any issue with it I will add that to the LONG LONG list of things that killed me. It will be right up there with being too fat, junk food, years of alcohol abuse and of course driving on Rt. 19 in Clearwater, FL.

Now on to more pressing issues… Apparently in S. Korea the position of Pizza Maker carries unheralded power and respect. Why?!? you might be heard to ask. Well let me tell you. Over these past couple weeks I have been adding little tidbits of my life into the classes to teach a little bit about the culture of America. So one week I told the classes that I held a Black Belt in Shorin Ryu karate (which I do). The response was luke warm at best. A couple weeks later when we were covering restaurants I told the classes that I was a pizza maker in high school and college (which I was). The class erupted like it was a holy incredible feat to be a Pizza Maker. Now, if this was just one class I would chalk it up to something else but it was EVERY class. So, if you happen to be a pizza maker reading this COME TO KOREA! You will walk the earth as  A KING… A KING!!!!!


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