Us and Them

Hello one and all… first, I had a trip into Seoul and it was awesome! Got a new guitar so I have something constructive to do at night. Now onto the main idea of the post. There are some very dynamic differences in mentality between different countries. I am going to STRESS this is not a post about right and wrong, there is no such thing… i am ONLY pointing out differences. Any positive or negative placed on this post are by you not me.

Last week I caused a bit of a crapstorm here because after week 3 of a very bad class (same class acts like asses ever week) I told the co-teacher that they were done and I was not going to teach them anymore. After some very long discussion in Korean with other teachers the class will get one more chance. The class was punished by their homeroom teacher and by other teachers that heard what happened to me. Fair enough, i personally would have caused bodily injury but that is me. This all happened last week, Thursday to be exact.

So here we are the following Wednesday, I mention that I want to meet with the co-teacher for that class so we can get a general understanding of where we are going. I might as well have asked to quickly make a rocket ship and fly to the moon together. The concept of proactively talking about something seems to be a very foreign concept here. So, after trying to explain it 3 different ways I just kinda gave up and went away. So, dynamic Korea strikes again. Where will tomorrow’s crap class go… who knows, why bother thinking or planning about it right? ha ha Us and Them, or maybe it is Me and everyone else?


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