Hello one and all. I want to first apologize for not keeping more up to date. I was doing pretty good then hit a rough patch and kinda dropped out for a while. It was a mixture of the high expectations I had and being a complete noob that lead me to some pretty depressed feelings. Well that and reading facebook where many of my peers seemed to be doing WAY better and having a WAY easier schedule and WAY better students and WAY more fun and etc etc etc. The degree of truth in that lays where you look, you know how at a high school reunion most everyone dresses up better than they really are? Well I am thinking that might has something to do with the Facebook gimmick.

EPIK did a lot to train us and a lot to try to ground our unbridled exuberance but until you land with your feet on the ground and actually experience how little some of the students care and how different reality is from the happy path in your brain it takes a little adjustment. I am not going to waste time bashing schools or students, middle school is middle school and i am sure that the teachers that teach at elementary or high school have their challenges too. I was very comfortable at my long term job that i left for korea and i think i got used to being comfortable and having he answers and knowing what the hell was going on. There is a saying in which they claim we are in “Dynamic Korea”. The short definition of “Dynamic Korea”  is you can take logic and any kind of long term planning and flush it down the crapper. Your schedule and your life as a GET teaching in Korea can and will turn on a dime for no explanation. I am just trying to learn to roll with it, some days i succeed and some i don’t. i am trying… until then i have to try my best to do my best and hope that it gets easier.


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