Yup… I posted the Annoying Orange clip. The reason is that is the opening to next week’s lesson plan. I am going to teach greetings and open with Annoying Orange. Then go over the dialog and then hopefully make it to an Annoying Orange bomb game. Bad news bears for me I have never played or seen a “bomb game” so i have to learn quick.

My first week was filled with highs and lows, the highs were very high and the lows were soul crushingly low. Basically the week started out meeting co-teachers and sitting at a desk. Wednesday was to be my first day teaching actual students, I was introduced to the school and then waited for my first class. Frantically as the minutes approached nobody could tell me where my class was or with who!!! I was in mid-freakout when I was told that the grade 1 middle school kids were sent home. Translation, I didn’t have any classes that day. So I went back to work on my lesson plan. The first week is basically going over rules and some basic stuff i.e. – BORING. The next day I taught, the first class sat there looking at me like I had lobsters coming out of my ears…. EPIK failure. The second class was a bunch of unruly kids… again, EPIK failure. After that class I had lunch with the English teachers (no… nobody talked in English). I sat there eating with a sick stomach wondering what I done and all i had given up to be here in Korea. I felt like a deep DEEP failure. Had someone been there with a sign saying “Exit Korea this way” I probably would have run. But, after lunch I stripped out the stuff that failed and revamped my plan. Last class of the day on Thursday felt like it worked. Was it great? Hell No but at least is wasn’t a complete fail. Friday, went better… my expectations were lower and the classes were better. Basically I went into the weekend with a glimmer of hope. Now I need to take the Annoying Orange’s hand and walk into a fun, educational and engaging lesson plan for my students. How will it go, only time will tell but I am going to give it my best.


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