Woo Hoo…

Woo Hoo I am in my apartment. I met my co-teacher on Friday. We got along well, she is a very nice person. The school seems pretty cool but the halls are quiet right now. We will see what I think when the halls are filled with the screams of middle school children. All in all it was pretty smooth, i met the teacher I am replacing and she told me that the teachers and area are cool. That was a relief because the relationship that you have with your Co-Teacher is paramount to how your year teaching goes.

The apartment is small but nice. I actually prefer a smaller apartment because it is just me so why pay all the extra money to heat and cool the place. All my electronics are up and running except the wii (that is waiting for an HD cable so it works on this tv). Thanks to a trip to Lotte Mart (imagine a big walmart but clean) I have the little things I need like a glass and a plate and a pan to cook. This place was bare when I got here so I needed a lot of stuff. Overall good move in and a good weekend of exploring my surrounding city. next challenge – SCHOOL.


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