Insert Screaming Student Here….

This was a funny video shown to us by one of the presenters here at Orientation. Basically it is a montage the Korean Students life in screaming video form. I feel like that screaming kid right now but to be honest what I am going through pales in comparison to what the average student in Korea does each day. I have heard tell of students going to a hagawon (independent English school) in the morning before school, then going to school until 10pm, 11pm or even midnight. Then back home and starting it all over again. So me sitting here saying i am tired of lectures and free meals would be a bit silly wouldn’t it.

I will say that the end of orientation is so close I can taste it! The EPIK staff have all been great, my class mates have been fun and interesting and great to talk to each day. I am not a super outgoing guy but I do enjoy talking to my classmates and listening to their stories and hearing about their journey here. I know that soon I will be on a bus headed out of Jeonju University and into the big unknown of Daejeon, South Korea. I have been very studious and sober through this orientation (I will wait a minute to continue for those at home who know me and just passed out by the me being sober part…) I figure I can get to my new apartment Friday with some cleaning supplies, a case of beer and some hamburger to make homemade hamburgers for dinner with the intention of using all of them by the end of the night. I am thinking beer – cleaning supplies and beer – then a big fat juicy hamburger to finish me off for the night. I will keep everyone posted on how that all works out! until then please just think of the screaming kid and know soon i will be part of it all – I just hope my class will not be that one moment when he was sleeping in that clip!


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