I am cold… cold as ICE

Now, I am from Florida so technically EVERYWHERE is cold but DAMN IT it is COLD in Korea! I am not talking about the outdoors, that I expected. No I am talking about in the halls, in the classrooms, in the stores… EVERYWHERE! I was starting to feel bad for myself as I sat shivering at lunch but then it hit me, everywhere freezing now would be sweltering hot in the summer. Basically I am pining for heat and in a few months I will be in a pool of sweat pining for winter. It is a vicious circle.

EPIK Orientation is going well. This is a massive undertaking by EPIK and I personally think they really do a wonderful job. The sheer numbers of people processed and cared for from all around the world is mind boggling. Everyone is friendly and patient with the waygook that don’t read signs and put silverware in the wrong bins and put their garbage in one place instead of separating. I try very hard to follow all the rules but I am sure inadvertently I have done things that are incorrect culturally. The lecturers are good and really geared toward things we will need in the coming year. I have had a few slip ups and faced a few rough lapses but overall I have a lot of admiration for EPIK and the program they run. Now if I could just harness some of this COLD to lower my blood pressure!


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