The Eagle Has Landed

Am I a highway man? only time will tell but i can say that i landed safe and sound in Korea 2 days and now i am set up and ready to start my orientation period with EPIK. It has been a whirlwind of confusion and excitement. I will say that if you note my D’oh of the day i have to tell you i sure an glad i found that ibuprofen! i went through black belt training and know how to deal with aches and pains but when you have a pulled neck muscle it isn’t going to heal any time soon when you are carrying all 130 pounds of your belongings on your back. I am only here in the dorm for 9 days but i have already unpacked just so I can feel normal again for a little while.

I am very excited to have dependable email and the lunch they served was SO DAMN GOOD! i didn’t have too good of luck at the hotel and local restaurant i was staying at before here. Now it is time to knuckle down and work my ass off at orientation so that the POE and EPIK know what i can do. So far it has been great meeting everyone and the group as a whole seems really fun and cool. Best thing of the day was when a student met me and thought i was their age… YEAH for that kid! but i fessed up and told them i was much older. No big deal, i figure as long as i act immature that will counter balance my age. HA HA… okay, i was just kidding with the last part. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone reading this and all of my loving family and friends that have supported me up to this point. i will try to represent my family and my country to the best of my ability.


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