It’s the Final Countdown

Last couple days at work… it is Monday and the big clock on tolls for my last minute at work on wednesday around 5pm. gonna be tough, but even tougher is finishing up every last little detail. I haven’t packed anything. i really need to get my damn act together because as the movie says – i am taking it on the road!

looking forward to: a new challenge with EPIK, a new country with crazy confusing awesome customs and things to learn and see, teaching kids and trying to be a positive influence.

NOT looking forward to: constant confusion, a 24 hour flight, saying a lot of tearful goodbyes, leaving my old cat knowing i most likely will not see him again, my pinball machine.

I am trying not to make any preconceived notions of what i will or will not experience, i think that leads to closed minds. I am excited and a little sad and a little nervous. But as they say, it is time for the rubber to meet the road, time to shut up or put up. it is the FINAL COUNTDOWN! South Korea here i come!


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