The Blacksmith Blues…

Saturday was the last day at a Heritage Village that me and my father Blacksmith at. It was a huge festival that had tons of people coming in, so i spent my saturday hammering out twisted metal S-hooks and teaching wide eyed children about how metal was made before walmart. It was a fun day. In the middle of the day i got a text that my E-2 Visa had cleared! YEAH! That was one of the final hold ups before i could take a deep breath and have more faith that this was an actual reality. So i read that, felt relief and got back to hammering steel. At the end of the day some close friends stopped by to snap a few pics and off i went. I said goodbye to the head blacksmith and told him i would be back in a year. It is kinda sad because this is one of the things that me and my father did together each week. My pop really likes it and has a lot of fun joking with the crowds and just generally doing man stuff.

So i got my Notice of Appointment from EPIK, i purchased my ticket and i got my Visa. All that is left is to relax and enjoy life… oh, right. Relax and do A MILLION THINGS that i have to take care of. I guess i can skip the relax part. Long story short i am starting to feel that this is a reality. I am completing a  Pre-orientation Mandatory EPIK course, reading books about modern classroom management and TRYING to study Korean. Bad news bears for me… the study Korean part is the last on my list.  (>.<) Well, i am going to keep working and give it my all. This is important, there are a lot of kids and parents out there that are going to depend on me to make English fun, to motivate them and god help me try to make a difference in their lives. Gonna have to treat them like a raw piece of steel, it is up to me to hammer and mold them into works of art.


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