Aces High!

Looks like dreams do become reality if you fight hard enough. I booked my flight, talked to my boss and got my E-2 paperwork started. I have to say the hardest was talking to my boss, he is a great boss and really cool to work for. I made sure he knew this was not about him or the job or any of that usual BS. This is about me, about where my life is and where it is heading. I see so many people trudging day after day toward nothing, they only have death in their future. No excitement, no challenge… that is not me. I don’t want to be laying on my death bed and have no stories or memories. So needless to say I am very happy. There is a lot of challenging things ahead of me, there will be tears and frustration and probably some blood (i like to ride bicycle) but it will be worth it. I want to be the best Daejeon has ever had, i want to make a difference. Keep fighting… aces high!

p.s. – i want to interject that this post has been fairly somber and straight forward up to this point. That is not really my personality so after i get to S. K. and after i get over some of the hurdles Kimchi-a-gogo will be much funnier and much more silly and sarcastic. Trust me… i am not only the president, i am a member.


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